What is Outlaw Comedy?

Outlaw Comedy is a brand of comedy that connects with college students. Outlaw was founded at Arizona State University in 2007, but its shows have traveled to more than 10 other university campuses.

"Laughter is unique only to humans. God must have had a powerful plan in mind to create such an aptitude. Laughter can be a doorway into a whole new in-look and a whole new outlook."

- Brian Smith, Outlaw Comedy Founder

What We Do

The biggest event produced through Outlaw Comedy is ASU 1st Laugh. This show, hosted at the famous Grady Gammage Auditorium on campus, is the capstone event of Welcome Week, a week-long series of events welcoming incoming students to the university.

ASU 1st Laugh the capstone event of Welcome Week at Arizona State University.

How We Started

Outlaw Comedy started to connect college students with our community at ASU through comedy and community service.

We didn't stop there though. Outlaw Comedy has put on comedy shows at other Universities like San Diego State University and Kansas University.


"Returning for another year to headline at the annual ASU 1st Laugh"

Bone Hampton

Bone started his comedy career as a college student at the University of North Texas. From there he moved on to do comedy at the Steve Harvey Comedy House. In 1985, Bone moved to Los Angeles and continued to do stand up and record his own CD's. He has logged appearances on ABC's 'Less Than Perfect,' NBC's, 'My Name Is Earl,' BET's, 'Comic View' and an upcoming movie with Sandra Bullock, 'All About Steve,' among other stints.


"His smart, sometimes loud and often opinionated brand of comedy has made him an audience favorite nationwide."

Thor Ramsey

Thor began his comedy career playing the basement lounge of a Ramada Inn in Des Moines, Iowa. (Because if you can make it in Iowa, you can make it anywhere in Nebraska.) Since he'd reached the pinnacle of showbiz in Des Moines, he moved to Chicago. Soon he was working forty-two weeks a year at major comedy clubs around the country. Then he moved close enough to Los Angeles to say that he lives there (but not according to the Post Office).


"Hailing from Canada, Leland brings originality to the world of comedy in America today"

Leland Klassen

Raised on a farm in the heart of Canada, Leland quickly learned that shoveling manure and weeding potatoes, although lucrative, wasn’t his passion in life. Starting off at amateur nights and seedy bars Leland decided right from the beginning that he would remain clean despite what the audiences wanted and over the last 14 years Leland has become recognized as Canada’s premier clean comedian.


"2012 winner of Denver Improv’s Got Laughs Competition"

John Crist

John Crist was homeschooled. Most comics make fun of homeschoolers, but not Crist. He has always said it was "the goodest thing that ever happened" to him. Crist’s unique brand of stand up comedy comes highly touted as the winner of the 2012 Denver Improv’s Got Laughs Competition, winner of the 2012 Loonees Comedy Competition and finalist of the 2012 Comedy Works New Faces Contest.

"You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.”

- Ethel Barrymore

ASU 1st Laugh ASU Gammage

ASU 1st Laugh Welcoming Sun Devils with stand-up comedy!

Outlaw Comedy presents the 7th annual ASU 1st Laugh, at ASU Gammage Sunday, August 25th! Comedian Bone Hampton will headline this event. Our comedians have appeared on ABC, NBC other shows on TV and comedy tours across the country.

How do I get tickets?

Outlaw Comedy @ Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is welcoming back its students with help from Outlaw Comedy on August 24th!

The show will be held at GCU Arena at 9pm.


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